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Frequently asked questions 

How soon can I come in for an ultrasound?

8 Weeks! All of our scans are performed abdominally. If you come in any sooner, baby may not be seen yet.

Do I need to make a appointment? 

Yes. PLEASE call or text to schedule one. (661) 589-2229

Unfortunately we do not accept walk-ins.

How early can I come in to find out the gender of my baby?

14 weeks! We take pride in our accurate gender determinations. 

We can always put results in a envelope for you if you decide not to find out right away. 

When is the best time to see my baby’s facial features?

We recommend 26-32 weeks. At 26 weeks baby is developed enough to see his/her facial features well. By 32 weeks baby is growing and running out of room (It’s their job to grow bigger). Each mom, baby, and pregnancy is different. We have had some moms come in on their due date and get great pictures and some come in at 32 weeks and baby is squished. Please know that not every baby gives that “Perfect smiling” face shot.

What is an 8k Ultrasound?

We are officially adding the AMAZING 8k/Real View Imaging to our services. This NEW service is an additional 30$ for one photo and video. This new and exciting service will take place once the 2D/3D/4D/HD service is over. Once the service is over, 1 photo of your choice will be in the process of becoming a Real Live Image! This process will take about 3-7 business days and will text or emailed to you as soon as they are done!


FOR TWINS: 24-28 weeks. Please let us know when booking your appointment that you are expecting twins so that we can book accordingly.


Do I have to pick a package if “I just want to see my baby’s face”?

We have packages that are for just to see baby. Our goal is for you and your family to see baby’s face. We do our best at every appointment to give you the best images of your baby (especially their sweet little face)

What if my baby hides his/her face?

Occasionally, we are unable to see baby due to (but not limited to) fetal position, placenta location, amniotic fluid volume, gestational age, and habits (tummy fat). Our sonographer can offer a complimentary session. This session should not be expected by anyone and is offered by our sonographer if she feels that the scan can be better.


Do I get my gender reveal products the same day?

Yes, you do! We do our best to keep all gender reveal products in stock and ready for you. If you want to just purchase products without an ultrasound please let us know before arrival that way we don't miss you. 


What products can be used at Baby Sightings, during my session?

You can pop the balloon here in the studio OR scratch the scratchers.

Most gender reveal products are messy and/or require an outdoor space.


How many guests can come with me?

We sit 10 guests comfortably.

Can I record or go live during my scan?

Yes, you can.

Do you do measurements and will you tell me if my baby is healthy?

The only way to tell the size of your baby is by measurements, which is considered a medical/ diagnostic procedure. Baby Sightings is a non-diagnostic facility. The sessions that we offer are non-diagnostic and are NOT to be replaced by your Doctor. Our sonographer is a certified sonographer and trained to do diagnostics, however our facility would like all diagnostics to be left up to your doctor. While we are not looking for abnormalities, should we see any, we will contact your doctor.

Do you accept insurance?

No, We do not accept insurance. Baby Sightings is an elective ultrasound studio, however, ALL of our scans are performed by an actual sonographer and NEVER by someone that is just trained to the machine.

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